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Digital Marketing Consultant
Started the marketing journey from Deakin University – Sid is an inspiring leader who is a result driven strategist with over 10 years of experience driving businesses towards a better future by building innovative strategies. He is committed to staying ahead of digital trends, ensuring that our clients are always one step ahead.

“Working with Sid was really fun, we achieved great success with the help of him. He knows well how marketing is done.”

Mr. Rahul Chandhok

Black Horse Hotel, M.D.

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What problem are you trying to solve?

What are some common problems businesses encounter that digital marketing can help solve?2024-02-24T04:24:32+00:00

At Dalgety Digital, from previous years, we have observed common problems that are faced by small to medium scale business: low online visibility, ineffective lead generation, poor website traffic, low conversion rates and difficulty in reaching targeted audiences effectively.

Why is it important for businesses to identify the problem they’re trying to solve with digital marketing?2024-02-24T04:18:07+00:00

Understanding and outlining basic challenges and opportunities in a business can be helpful for digital marketer to address the unique needs and goals. To achieve specific goals, digital marketing plan will be drafted with right + feasible strategies.

How does Dalgety Digital approach identifying the problem a client is trying to solve?2024-02-24T04:30:08+00:00

A brief discussion with client during onboarding about their business goals, target audience, and competitive landscape is drafted as document. Digital presence and site audits reports are attached with this document to research and analyze data. This help us finding pinpoint areas for improvement and opportunity growth.

Can you provide examples of problems Dalgety Digital has helped clients solve through digital marketing?2024-02-24T04:36:29+00:00

Sure, we’ve helped business increase their brand’s awareness; drive qualified leads; optimize performance, UI & UX of website; improve social media presence + engagement; and enhance overall digital presence through strategic + data-driven approach.

How does Dalgety Digital stay updated on the latest digital marketing trends and technologies to better address client problems?2024-02-24T04:41:27+00:00

We invest in our team member’s training programmes. Regular Industry Research and vast networking within Industry help us to stay ahead of the curve in rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape. This allows us to leverage the latest tools and innovative solutions for our existing clients.

What role does data analysis play in understanding and solving client problems at Dalgety Digital?2024-02-24T04:48:36+00:00

Data analysis is crucial part of our approach to draft digital marketing strategies. By tracking key metrics, understanding user funnel, measuring campaign performance, we gain valuable insights that help us to take strategic decisions. Data analysis enable us to continuously optimize our efforts for maximum impact.

How can businesses get started with Dalgety Digital to address their digital marketing challenges?2024-02-24T04:53:46+00:00

Businesses with vision can reach out to us for a consultation to discuss their specific needs and objectives. Our team will understand common challenges and develop a customized digital marketing strategy to achieve goals and achieve maximum performance over digital platforms.

In-Person Meeting

Our team can visit your office premises for in-person meeting. This will help us to better understand your business.

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