The Challenge

YPS Imaging is a Medical Diagnostic Imaging Centre based in Keysborough, VIC Australia. They were doing their business offline till 2023 and able to generate profitable revenue. They want to explore digital opportunities and contacted Dalgety Digital.


Successful Rate

Right strategic approach can lead up to 100% successful rate.


Marketing Firm

Dalgety Digital is top most choice in Australia & India region.


Super Brands

Not just served but helped to boost their business through effective marketing.

“Dalgety Digital’s expertise transformed our offline business into a thriving digital enterprise, generating quality leads and boosting revenue significantly. Exceptionally pleased with the outcome!”

Jaswinder Solanki

Chief Director at YPS Imaging, Australia

Team working

The Process

From Brand guidelines to Website’s wire frames, every document was taken care of by Dalgety Digital’s team. Based on keyword research, content was curated for website which aligns with SEO strategies.

Analytics tools, conversion trackers and other scripts were installed in website for better reporting of website analytics. A complete data report also helps in taking decisions quickly.

Social media creatives strategy was prepared for upcoming months. Awareness campaigns were running on Meta platforms to tap local/regional audience.

Grow your traffic

Research your relevant keywords, perform SEO audits, execute on-page and off-page SEO for better results.


Increase your sales

Traffic from right audience eventually increase engagement rate and sales / leads.

Sales Chart
Marketing Project


Dalgety Digital’s team was able to deliver expected results to YPS Imaging client within given timeframe.

YPS Imaging was able to get high-quality leads through online platforms that convert faster. This ultimately leads to higher revenue from digital landscape. Client is really happy after experiencing digital platforms and digital ads.

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