The Challenge

Advantage therapy is based in New South Wales, Australia. They offer allied healthcare services: occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, speech therapy, parental coaching and therapeutic recreational therapy. They opened center in 2023 and wanted to take this center online.

Dalgety Digital team helped advantage therapy in creating online presence of their brand. Client also want to spread awareness in local region audience and generate leads through meta platforms only.


Successful Rate

Right strategic approach can lead up to 100% successful rate.


Marketing Firm

Dalgety Digital is top most choice in Australia & India region.


Super Brands

Not just served but helped to boost their business through effective marketing.

“Dalgety Digital’s expertise helped us establish a robust online presence and generate quality leads through meta platform. Their data-driven approach and effective campaigns surpassed our expectations, enhancing our therapy center visibility and growth.”

First Step to Better Business Results
Mr. Taran

Director at Advantage Therapy, Australia

Team working

The Process

Before development of website, website brief was prepared which included competitor analysis, wireframe, menu structure and user flow studies. As client was very concerned about website structure, our team ensured that each piece of website get reviewed by client’s team.

For social media, content calendar containing media assets of mix type were also reviewed and approved 30 days prior to posting of content. For advantage therapy, our team majorly focused on facebook and instagram.

Client needs to collect leads through local audience. Dalgety Digital team collected the audience insights from various platforms, draft campaign structures and submitted to client. After approval from client, awareness and lead gen campaigns were published.

Grow your traffic

Research your relevant keywords, perform SEO audits, execute on-page and off-page SEO for better results.


Increase your sales

Traffic from right audience eventually increase engagement rate and sales / leads.

Sales Chart
Marketing Project


Advantage therapy was successful to spread awareness among right targeted audience, and generated leads through meta campaigns. Client was able to create online presence through website and social media handles.

Dalgety digital team helped ‘Advantage Therapy’ to put brand online and managed to get high quality leads within specified period of time & budget resources.

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