The Challenge

Ted Smith was working with one of marketing agency which was able to generate sales but not on profitable grounds. It’s ROI was negative which can be justified at initial stage but not for longer run. Primary challenge was to reduce ad cost per order (CPO).

Ted Smith chosen Dalgety Digital to overcome the challenge of ad cost per order.

Ted Smith chosen Dalgety Digital.

Ted Smith team consult with Dalgety Digital team and understand the process of execution in today’s evolving digital era.

Ted Smith brand is based in India and running its operations from India. We need to target those people who were engaged shoppers and Who prefer high-value goods with interest in eyewear and sunglasses.


Successful Rate

Right strategic approach can lead up to 100% successful rate.


Marketing Firm

Dalgety Digital is top most choice in Australia & India region.


Super Brands

Not just served but helped to boost their business through effective marketing.

“I consult with Sid regarding digital marketing of my business. We need to increase sales from website. Sid helped me in reducing ad cost per order and increased sales on website.”

Mr. Gurpreet

The Ted Smith, Founder

Team working

The Process

We worked with Ted Smith client hand-in-hand. Initially, we drafted strategies for their brand, a rough roadmap how we gonna execute this strategically. Existing campaigns and platform’s reports were studied and note down the key points on which interaction and purchase rate were higher. Keeping in mind all the plus key factors, new campaigns were structures with new media assets.

Running any type of campaign requires media asset. So, ted smith was advised to create media assets as per the market trends.

Tailored digital marketing strategy with specific goals

Basically, our team leverage the SEO process alongwith paid ads. There was good organic traffic and sales

Site audits were performed regularly, user behaviour on social media & website was studied, key metrics like: visitors, avg. time spent, WAU, purchasers were also taken into consideration. Based upon this data, our team was able to re-define the brand strategies based upon standard + right approach.

Grow your traffic

Research your relevant keywords, perform SEO audits, execute on-page and off-page SEO for better results.


Increase your sales

Traffic from right audience eventually increase engagement rate and sales / leads.

Sales Chart
Marketing Project


Dalgety Digital team was able to produce results enough that helped Ted Smith to achieve sales with profits. Our team restructured the campaigns across platforms, re-distributed the budgets, optimized the campaigns. Based on ‘ACPL’ user funnel, each stage was thoroughly studied and improved.

Ted smith is now able to tap its right audience for its trendy sunglasses while maintaining profits after subtracting ad cost.

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